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In this new edition of his classic 1970 memoir about the notorious U-2 Incident, pilot Francis Gary Powers reveals the full story of what actually happened in the most sensational espionage case in Cold War history. The narrative is a tremendously exciting suspense story about a man who was labeled a traitor by many of his countrymen, but who emerged a Cold War hero.

By Francis Gary Powers, Curt Gentry, and Norman Polmar.
Publisher: Brasseys, Inc.

Listen to a partial reading by William Hope, originally aired on the BBC, May 2000


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  1. Eric Nevel says:

    Hello, I have been fascinated with the story for many years and would be interested in having my book signed, if possible.

  2. Gary Powers says:

    Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your interest. There is no place to subscribe as I do not update this site often. It is more of a place holder. Visit and you can subscribe to their newsletter.

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